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Gentleman's Service

Posted on April 08 2021

Gentleman's Service

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.  We were contacted by a customer who thought that particular day would be his first day back to work after a medical leave...only to find out that was the day he was let go.  He reached out to us to see if we could help him with his sartorial selections as he prepared to start interviewing again.  Further, he let us know he was a former member of our Armed Forces and although used to wearing a uniform, was trying to see about a new Gentleman's uniform as he begins this next phase in his career.

Of course we said we could help - it's our honour and privilege at the best of times, and to help those that have served our country to keep us all safe is a truly humbling experience.

For all those that need our help in any way, shape, or form, please just reach out and we'll do our Gentleman's best.  We offer image and wardrobe consultation services by Zoom to keep everyone safe, and we're happy to recommend tailors should a new suit be desired. 

We'll also do our best to reach out to our network for help of any other kind no matter the circumstances.  While we try to conduct ourselves as Gentlemen in these trying times, we are not afraid to step up and act like Rogues to help those who need it.  Please feel free to reach out to us in any way you feel comfortable - phone, email, social media, website, whatever works for you.  

No Gentleman or Rogue will be left behind on our watch.  Ever.


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