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Gentleman’s Protection / Rogue Armour

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It’s becoming abundantly clear that masks can go a long way in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19. With both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, there is a greater need for protection. Health and safety starts with you. Protect yourself first so that you can protect others. Currently our medical professionals and first responders are in dire need of the certified N95 masks that are in such short supply. In order to alleviate this strain, we're proud to offer the AMIC Mask for civilian use.
Bonded into the fabric is an anti-microbial/anti-viral protection designed to survive 50 washes. The fabric kills 98% of pathogens. Your package comes with 2 disposable Fine Particulate Matter charcoal filter inserts. These inserts are designed to filter and block droplet transmission. The PM 2.5 filters can filter particulates 2.5 microns and above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does AMIC stand for?

A: Anti-microbial Ironcloth.


Q: Is this mask similar to N95?

A: The N95 is a medical one-time use mask ONLY that protects you up to 95% from Particulate matter. The AMIC mask is made for everyday use and provides protection up to 98% from Particulate Matter.


Q: Do I have to wash the mask daily?
A: No need to wash every day, the fewer times you wash the better. The Bonded Anti-Microbial Ironcloth performs best in its original state. But if you need to wash you can up the 50 times. After 50 washes the mask will retain protection levels up to 95%.


Q: Can it be machine washed / what temperature?


Q: Can I put the mask in the dryer / what temperature?
A: You can dry the mask on the tumble dry low heat setting in a laundry bag.

Q: What kind of detergent should be used?
A: Any household laundry detergent will work.

Q: Can the masked be ironed?
A: Yes Iron as needed. The steam actually help kills extra germs.


Q: How long do the filters last and how often should the filter be changed?
A: Average of 40 Hours, change after 40 hours of use.


Q: Can the filters be washed with the mask?

A: Filters must be disposed of after 40 hours of use.


The AMIC Mask comes in 4 sizes:


Up to 12 yrs Old

Nose to chin: 5.75”

Ear to Ear: 6.5"


Adult Size/ Teens

Nose to Chin: 6.5”

Ear to Ear: 7”  


Adult Size

Nose to Chin: 6.75"

Ear to Ear: 7.75"

Large/Extra Large

Adult Size

Nose to Chin: 7”

Ear to Ear: 8”

Each Mask comes with an adjustable clip to tighten the mask around the face